Are you finding it difficult to write Essay Writing Introduction? Don’t worry, this post will guide you through.ESSAY WRITING

How To Write An Essay Introduction – An Essay is a written composition of moderate length, exploring a particular issue or subject. Essay introduction, on the other hand, is the beginning and coordinating part of a composed discourse. Many students and scholars find it very hard to reckon an essay overture with an essay. As ordinary, as it may seem, it is a very important aspect of essay writing. There are ways in which this gaffe can be corrected. To that effect, here are guidelines that will make essay- introduction writing a walk in the park:

  1.  Use of axiom or cliché: An axiom is a proverb.  A proverb is a phrase that depicts fundamental truth which may seem appropriate to ordinary or common circumstances. It is generally believed as an eye-opener that is applicable to any place, time or condition. Use of proverb or axiom in an introductory part of an essay makes it colourful and perceptive. Use of wise words in the presenting part of an essay is an interesting and informative theory. It also helps to add savour to the beginning part of an essay. Use of truism in the precluding part of an essay makes it more interesting.
  2. Storytelling: This device is an important tool in literary writing as well as society. Literature mirrors the society. The use of this element in the beginning part of an essay is a brilliant idea. Storytelling is a very helpful tool that helps to draw attention in any dialogue. It helps to create a special kind of connection and attentiveness between the parties of a powwow.  The act of fictionalization is a very healthy way of making a preamble of an essay. It will help readers to understand the essay in a way that is enchanting. It will help to spice up the mood of the introductory and whole part of the essay in an encouraging and deserving manner. Short and educative fiction at the beginning of an essay is a good way to start an essay.
  3. Proper and/or advanced definition: A lexicon explains ‘Definition’ as the action of describing or making definite and clear. Another word for definition is “clarity”. It illustrates and analyzes words in a more understandable manner. Defining and explaining properly the keywords of an essay is a good way of beginning an essay. It is a veritable way of writing an essay introduction. It explains in simple terms the content of an essay. It is an efficient way of preparing the reader to what it is to come. It makes concentration easy. It lays the track for a good essay writing. It is an intelligent way of writing an essay overture.
  4. Quote from a speech or speaker: Introducing sayings from wise men or important figures is also a good way of starting an essay. A wise man once said, “Assumption is the least form of learning.” A wise saying makes essay writing as well as its introduction sagacious and inspiring. “We learn best from others” is a sage saying from a speaker; it encourages teamwork, dedication, and trust. This way of starting an essay is an educative and unconscious approach of teaching the values of the society. Imploring wise quotes and words of a speaker is a brilliant way of writing a good essay introduction.

Writing the introduction of an essay will be as easy as walking if these factors are brilliantly and carefully exerted.

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